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Case Studies and Testimonials

UT Dallas Uses 3D Printing to Help Detect Sports Concussions
The Biomedical Device Center at the University of Texas at Dallas is working on a system that can be used during sporting events, particularly football and hockey, to quickly and easily detect changes in brain functions. One part of the system attaches to the athlete’s head and neck and incorporates sensors to measure the frequency, force and direction of impacts.
Empowering 21st Century Learners in STEM An Impetus for Change
We live in a world of rapid change, a world where demographic, digital, and cultural shift are norms. Today’s children are growing up in a world where the lines between information and entertainment have been blurred.
5th grade student declares new active learning STEM program “pretty helpful and awesome”
It’s always a good thing when students are excited about learning, and in a recent trip to Escandon Elementary, a school that has been working diligently with the LJ Create program to increase their standardized test scores in science, we could hardly stop one of the students from excitedly telling us about everything she had learned using Living with STEM.