Amatrol is the world’s leader in skills-based, interactive technical learning. They offer a rich array of multimedia and eLearning topics. By providing schools with these learning solutions that cover applicable STEM knowledge and advanced manufacturing topics and skills they hope to solve problems and adapt to a rapidly-changing workplace. They create innovative, interactive learning solutions for industry and all levels of education to equip learners with the necessary skills to master technical systems.

These learning solutions are designed and built by employees who are experts in their field, integrating the best practices in education and training to deliver knowledge and skills for real jobs.

They continue to train tomorrow’s workforce for many diverse industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, packaging, etc. Didactic organizations such as colleges, universities and high schools use these made-in-the-USA products to teach individuals technical and workplace skills. Real world components are used in the training equipment along with in-depth curricula to build the workforce’s next generation.

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  • Amatrol FaultPro
    Industry's Only Fault Insertion & Troubleshooting Software

    Amatrol’s FaultPro computer-based fault insertion software is the industry’s only electronic troubleshooting training system. FaultPro allows instructors to instantly set and tailor faults to test a student’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

  • CPT Training with MSSC standards
    Hands-on training & assessment that meets MSSC standards for CPT+ certifications.
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    Amatrol's Skill Boss, a hands-on training and assessment tool for CPT+ certification that meets MSSC standards, easily integrates into manufacturing programs.

  • Amatrol Advance Manufacturing Trainers
    Advanced Manufacturing Skills For Workplace Success!

    Each Advanced Manufacturing topic incorporates the skill development needed for modern industry. From operation to complex troubleshooting, Amatrol’s learning systems deliver job-ready skills.

  • Teach Industry 4.0 Skills Hands-On
    Smart Factory Training | Hands-On Industry 4.0 Skills

    Amatrol’s Smart Factory Tabletop Mechatronics system provides a full mechatronics line in a small space and is a great way to introduce Industry 4.0 to high school students.

  • Combined Refrigeration Installation Learning System
    Hands-On Training with Interactive Multimedia Curriculum
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    Amatrol’s Combined Refrigeration Installation Learning System (T7200) offers a comprehensive hands-on workstation and interactive multimedia curriculum to teach the installation of electrical and mechanical refrigeration/air conditioning components in residential or light commercial applications. This system is an ideal training tool for future HVACR technicians.

  • AC/DC Electrical Systems - Multimedia (MB227)
    Teaches fundamentals of AC and DC electrical systems
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    The model T7017A includes a bench top-mount workstation, AC power supply, DC power supply, electrical components set, lead set, hand-held multimeter, circuit tester, built-in instrumentation console, electrical circuit simulation software, student learning materials for both theory and lab, and teacher’s assessment guide. This system uses industrial quality components to help students become better prepared for what they will encounter on the job.

  • Amatrol | In-Depth Agritech Training
    Today's agricultural experts need experience with more types of technology than ever before.

    When it comes to industries, agriculture can stake its claim to being one of the oldest in the world with a history that stretches back over 12,000 years. What began with small groups of people in different parts of the world figuring out how to domesticate animals and grow their own food has become a multi-trillion-dollar industry that connects nations across the globe.

  • NIMS Endorsed Technical Training
    The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) has endorsed Amatrol as its preferred eLearning source for cutting-edge multimedia training materials to support its new Industrial Maintenance Technology (IMT) Certification.

    Amatrol’s e-Learning program meets the challenge for flexible technical training by offering superb technical content depth as well as breadth, strong interactivity for skill development, and excellent assessment and student tracking through an intuitive, easy-to-use web portal. With 24 x 7 access, Amatrol’s eLearning program creates easy access to educational opportunities for technical skill development previously restricted to the classroom...

  • Amatrol’s eBooks are Available Online 24/7
    Now All Your Courses Are Available Online!

    Online training is an essential tool in today’s workplace and educational institutions. Amatrol is increasing its already extensive online offerings with the introduction of eBooks. Amatrol’s eBooks are digital versions of its print-based LAPs (Learning Activity Packets) that allow organizations to set up courses completely online, including assessments!

  • How to Test, Diagnose, and Troubleshoot AC and DC Motors
    The Motor Troubleshooting Learning System (85-MT2E) covers the testing and troubleshooting of AC and DC motors using a multimeter and a megger meter. The skills and knowledge covered by this learning system will prove invaluable for industrial maintenance technicians or anyone working in a field that uses AC and/or DC motors.
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    85-MT2E Regular / 85-MT2ESL Sheathed Banana Leads

    The 85-MT2E includes a motor connection box to practice hands-on skills such as troubleshooting faults in a DC motor and AC single-phase and three-phase motors, evaluating DC electric motor commutator and brush health, and using a multimeter to test an AC motor start/run capacitor. Amatrol’s learning systems feature real-world, industry-grade components for durability that will stand up to frequent use and to allow learners to gain real-world competencies.